Lovely article about a baby and his mother at 3 am in the morning..

Our Fairytale Adventure

It's 3am Mummy and I've been missing you It’s 3am Mummy and I’ve been missing you.

Hi Mummy, it’s 3am and I’ve been missing you.

I like our 3am meetings Mummy, they remind me that you are there for me day and night.

Last Wednesday at 3am my colic and reflux flared up. Do you remember Mummy? I kept crying and you knew why but there was nothing you could do, so you cuddled me close and cried with me. You don’t like seeing me in pain and I don’t like seeing you upset either Mummy.

Then on Thursday last week, I woke up at 3am just because I missed you. So you picked me up and cuddled me until I fell asleep. Do you remember Mummy? You had been laying awake waiting for me to need you because at 3am last Thursday you missed me too.

Oliver wakes up at 3am too sometimes. Sometimes because he needs you and sometimes just…

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