Herb spiral: an introduction to permaculture

Creating a herb spiral in permaculture design


Building a Herb Spiral is an elegant and attractive introduction to permaculture principles. To enrich an urban farm kitchen activities, we made a permaculture workshop and constructed a Herb Spiral, with about twenty other participants. After preparation and bringing materials, we constructed the Spiral near to the kitchen in two or three hours. At the end of the afternoon, we could already enjoy a soup with the fresh herbs onsite. Picking directly from the living plant to the dish, we magically turned around, tasting and discussing the various herbs.

Here is  a video that explain how we built it  with instructions to make  your own in your garden or your backyard. Enjoy!

Why is Herb spiral important ?

Herb Spiral is a simple, esthetic and productive permaculture design, that take advantage of limited space to easily improve your kitchen garden by incorporating some of your favorite herbs. A spiral of…

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